Kawakawa Cleansing Bar Bundle Pack

Kawakawa Rotorua

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Kawakawa Cleanse Bar Bundle

Scented with beautiful Sandalwood essence. We have extracted all of the goodness out of the Kawakawa plant,including the lush green colour from leaves and blended. Includes Anti flammatory and anti oxidant benefits from the Kawakawa plant, it has been used for generations to help heal and soothe many skin irritations including, ezcema, psoriasis, dry skin, inflammed skin conditions. 

As this is only available for a limited time this bundle includes 4 handmade cleanse bars. 


Kawakawa Chlorophyll,Kawakawa Infused Oil, Sandalwood Essence, Citric Acid, Aqua Glyerin, Sodium Cocoate,Betaine, Mannitol,Sodium salt, Sodium Chloride, Natural Vegetable Emulsifier.