Manuka Honey UMF & Kawakawa Balm

Kawakawa Rotorua

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Manuka UMF & Kawakawa Balm 

The Go To Balm for Skin Ailments 

Used for Eczema, Windburn, Dry Skin, Cuts, Skin Rashes,Psoriasis Abrasions, Insect Bites, Bruising, Swelling, Burns, Windburn,Sunburn, Cracked sore Nipples when breastfeeding, Cracked Heels, Nappy Rash, Thrush, soothes and hydrates skin for people who are on Chemotherapy or radiation. It is truly a "Go to Balm for almost anything" 

Manuka UMF has anti viral and Anti flammatory and anti oxidant benefits. It has traditionally been used for wound healing,soothing internal and external issues. Blending amazing extracts from the Kawakawa and Manuka UMF together creating a pot of gold goodness. NZ's own Beautiful Natural Balm This Balm has been used for generations for many skin ailments. A great go to balm that is a must have in your home which has shown amazing healing results for many skin ailments including.60ml

Ingredients:Olea Europaea,Olive Fruit oil, Kawakawa leaf extract, Cera Alba,Manuka UMF 5+,