Our Values

Kawakawa Plant also known as Macropiper Excelsum is a Maori Rongoa that has been used for generations by many for its amazing internal and external healing properties it provides. 

It is important that we follow traditional protocol and processes prior,during and after harvesting and creating all our products. Harvesting is best done in the mornings. Before harvesting our Kawakawa leaves and entering into the forest we must ensure that our wairua is clear and that any emotional worries are cleared. This has a huge impact on the final product. Like all great cooks and Chefs would say ''Cooking with love provides food for the Soul''

It is also important to take in and feel the energy of the area. Karakia or Prayer is taken place to ask for permission and to give thanks.We wait for the birds calling to let us know if we are allowed to enter into that area and then proceed. Sometimes we have the birds following us and landing on which Kawakawa plants we are allowed to harvest from and other days they are just singing directly above us in the Canopy's.

When finished harvesting we always give thanks to our Atua (God) and Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) and make sure that we thankfully take from them is always returned and buried back to Papatuanuku (Mother Earth). It is so important to us that we ''Love and Respect'' and follow our hearts through this beautiful journey we are blessed to be on.