Kawakawa Plant  - Macropiper Excelsum is grown throughout New Zealands coastal and native forests with its beautiful evergreen heart shaped leaves, and grows up to six meters tall. Kawakawa is the most common plant used for generations to help soothe and heal a variety of health ailments internally and externally. Unique to NZ and also known as the Pepper Tree.Internally used to help soothe stomach issues, boils, eczema and toothaches.

                                  Externally used to help soothe skin ailments such as; eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, boils, sunburn, rashes, itchy skin and has shown reduction of inflammation.

SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED:Kawakawa has been scientifically tested identifying three types of anti inflammatory cells present in the extraction of this plant.Kawakawa also contains myrsticin which is a mild antiseptic and anesthetic which has provided positive relief for many skin ailments and internal issues.Inflammation can be a result of both viral and bacterial infections. In most cases inflammation can cause much discomfort and pain however with the anti inflammatory activity in Kawakawa this can help relieve and soothe ailments.Traditional protocol and processes prior,during and after harvesting and creating all our products is paramount throughout what we do in this business.